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Breaking the Shackles & Becoming Self-Reliant

Indeed, we cannot truly become free till the chains of dependency are tied around us limiting our advancement. It is time to reflect and release ourselves from all that is holding us back to become empowered educationally, economically and technologically in order to make measurable movement on the road of sustainable progress.

We often aspire for complete autonomy, reliance or freedom, whether mental or physical, but before we take any action for this, we should explore an effective way that is sustainable and does not cause any collateral damage.

It is obligatory for us as Muslims to follow the path shown by the Qur’an and Hadith and repent for our mistakes. If a person does not follow the path of Shariah, the other Muslim brother orders him to admonish al-Din al-Nasihah, i.e., the religion of goodwill. In the Qur’an, too, there is a command to advise with wisdom and goodness to call to the right path.

If anyone narrates the misdeeds of a Muslim brother and if that statement turns out to be false or based on falsehood, then the sin of slander is upon the accuser’s shoulders. Even if it is true, it is also a sin and causes the accused to be infuriated or unnecessarily instigated. As a result of which there may be temptation or strife and Al-Fatnah is more severe than Ashd-e-Min al-Qatl that is temptation and murder. This provocative action, that is, the propagation of evil, does not lead to reform. Similarly, the Holy Qur’an forbids the polytheists from using negative words to address God as it certainly blasphemes God. 

On the other hand, if someone has evidence against someone, it is permissible to testify in court by submitting the same. Otherwise, it will be like taking the law into one’s own hands with direct Islam or Shariah. It is not possible to practice Islam by not committing sins. Likewise, it is futile to implement an Islamic system while indulging in lying, slandering, inciting and singing.

If war is not possible with the disbelievers, the common people and the oppressors, then war cannot be fought, otherwise it will be a means of benefitting the enemy by striking the axe at one’s own feet with a fiery hand. Although many companions wanted war in Hadeebiyah, the Holy Prophet SAW made peace and passed conditions in favour of the infidels which may have seemed against the Muslims that is in favour of the infidel Mecca but the Holy Qur’an described it as a victory. A perfect example of a wise strategy executed.

Hence, when we speak of Pakistan’s complete independence and autonomy from foreign powers, including the United States- that does not mean that we seek war or deterioration of relations with them. What we are seeking is a fully autonomous state for the benefit of our people without harming others – this is the voice and aspiration of all of us. But in view of the blaring ground realities, we have to seriously question ourselves that to what extent the people of Pakistan will tread to get liberated from the US or other foreign powers immediately or in the near future.

We are only threatened by trade sanctions, disruption in relations with overseas Pakistanis and their remittances, tightening the monetary funds of World Bank and IMF economic aid payments, and the possibility of default or blacklisting by the FATF. These are what loom large as a dark shadow over us. Now, the question is that have we prepared ourselves wisely and practically to deal with all the restrictions in case imposed and secondly are we strong enough to handle these. These are fundamental to answer for our self-reliance.

Moreover, it is important for our country to come out of the clutches of social media giants like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, YouTube, etc. Even other applications, Netflix, Amazon, Master and Visa cards, banking transactions through dollar and Nostro accounts, products of Microsoft Office, Windows, Apple and Android to list it. At the moment, we are enslaved by these inventions plus innovations and it is quite difficult to break the shackles and move towards economic independence.

Yet, there are countries which have created success stories. Just look at Russia and Iran. The Russians are already used to living without these amenities and they either have an alternative or become accustomed without these. Similarly, China is self-sufficient in economic, education, technology, etc. Its GDP is a testament of this

On the other hand, we witness the devastation of Afghanistan in the wake of war. It left the country shattered and gasping for air in all its vital sectors. The unending twenty-year war, the non-recognition of the treaty nations, their arbitrary confiscation and sanctions, forced the Afghans into a state of chaos and depletion of all resources. They hit rock bottom and till date are unable to recover from such a massive blow.

Shouldn’t we learn from their horrific experience? If we take these facts into consideration, in the present situation, without making progress in the fields of education and technology, without creating unity and harmony, and without following the path prescribed by the Shariah, it seems impossible to even imagine that we will be able to survive let alone thrive with full autonomy.

The real question is that can we achieve this goal with the politics of strife, rift and violence which is rampant, only by following the path shown by the Quran and the Sunnah? It is not that simple. First and foremost, we have to try to achieve these below mentioned and make reconciliation instead of fiery quarrels that is iftarak or revenge, and follow the command of the Holy Qur’an. It is the responsibility of every Muslim to try to make peace and persuade all parties to follow it with love and counsel, and it is necessary to take the Qur’anic method of al-Mu’adat al-Hasanah and Qawla in a positive way.

Otherwise, it can lead to guilt and nothing but guilt. This is not the responsibility of any one group, but of each individual. Without it, the pleasure of Allah swt will not be attained, and the anger of Allah swt, the Exalted, will lead to sin and the loss of the world as well as the Hereafter. The punishment of Allah swt, mischief, disorder and strife, which are extremely displeasing to Allah swt, are no doubt extremely harmful to Islam. May Allah swt help us to bring peace among the people. Aameen.

Allah’s messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: (111) “That is, there is no benefit in most of the mutual whisperings of people except to advise charity or goodness or to make peace between people, and whoever does this for the pleasure of Allah, we will give him a great reward.” (Qur’an)

The supreme aim is not at all to reject or dislike complete autonomy and discourage people, but to create awareness that Allah swt has given a special gift to the believer. He decides with wisdom and understanding while considering all the ground realities, without partiality and urgency. so that he does not deceive or cheat by following falsehood. At-Taqwa Firasat al-Mu’min al-Finazat an-Nur-Allah (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) avoid the believer’s frivolity that he sees with the light of Allah swt.

It is vital to prepare ourselves for this great goal with full planning and understanding of all these aspects so that we are able to build a truly independent and sovereign state in which everyone is on an equal footing-Allah swt bless us.

There are ways of doing this if we truly want to liberate ourselves. Firstly, we need to establish an education system that harmonizes all Shariah duties and economic, social, practical and moral training with the needs of the present day. Secondly, devise an economic system compatible with Islam and the objectives of Shariah to build better economy, trade and complete autonomy. Thirdly, we need to make ourselves strong in every kind of media, be it print, electronic or social and digital media. So that any false propaganda is countered and in line with our values and traditions.

Fourthly, we have to develop the best, diverse and creative technology in every field with self-reliance to meet all kinds of needs of Muslims through mastering modern technology. Fifthly, we have to make our youth aware of all these aspects of religion and law so that they know and work hard in this regard. Last but not the least, we need to look at planning, tips and intentions. We all have to think and plan collectively as an ummah to achieve these goals, for the sake of Allah swt’s pleasure, so that we are able to conquer all these milestones with a divine purpose.

This will indeed be accomplished if we work sincerely with the prayers of Allah swt, with passion, companionship of the elders and the people of the religion. Then only Allah swt will enable us to shatter the shackles of dependency, grant us freedom and set us as role models upon the world to follow in the footsteps of.

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