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About Us

Founder & Director Message

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to our one of a kind Shariah compliant global online school system Green Edtech where we aim to provide comprehensive, critical and career changing education from grassroot till graduation and beyond. With a futuristic vision and a well balanced mission, we aspire to unlock virtual portals to equip all with knowledge and skills that are pivotal in the present day world.

Our educational footprint dates back over decades with our prestigious seminaries and institutions. We pride ourselves in being the pioneers in bringing holistic Islamic education to the forefront with a forward looking intersection of traditional and modern disciplines. Our reputed schools and colleges under the renowned Darul Uloom include Hira Foundation, Hira Institute of Emerging Sciences (HIES) and Centre for Islamic Economics (CIE) which have made a remarkable mark in the field. These have spread into an extensive network with state of the art campuses and are a living testimony that we are truly vested in delivering education that meets the international benchmarks with reputed US & UK examination boards.

Now, we have completely revolutionized education through our online school Green Edtech – an ever-expanding borderless school with connective learning pathways across the world. With enterprising virtual platforms, we are determined to shape a force who are ready to harness the power of technology and use it to advance ahead.

With a resolute commitment, we equip our youth with the tech-centered education on high speed online portals for them to achieve sure-hit success wherever they are. We have opened doors to the future of education and invite you to join our robust virtual network and make your dreams your destiny rooted in rich principles.


Sheikh Dr Mufti Imran Ashraf Usmani


Provide world class education on digital platforms which is accredited, affordable and accessible for global competence.


To produce academically strong, principled and skilled high achievers who are well prepared for the future.

What We Offer

We offer internationally recognized school and college/university education. In addition, we deliver professional development programmes coupled with future-ready skill courses. With a well designed updated curriculum and learning features, our world-class education system meets the international benchmarks and exceeds the market needs.

Our Model

We use futuristic learning models designed to ensure consistent high quality in our school, college/university and professional qualifications. Our sure-hit teaching/learning pedagogies provide sustainable knowledge as well as resources with instant access to skill-based techniques, technology and tools to excel in study and work worldwide.

Moral Compass

Our monitored check and balance on the curriculum and delivery preserves the moral fabric of society. Our facilitators internalize the set of right values and instill ethics in practices with a keen sense of global citizenship.

Our Outreach

We have a borderless outreach with asynchronous learning and are proud of our diverse student body from across the world. We provide equal opportunity to all the enrolments into our educational programmes with the availability of flexible study options and accessibility to an extensive suite of programmes.