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Be digitally smart with these 15 EdTech terms

It is not far from the truth that educational technology (EdTech) has become quite prevalent and prominent in recent years. More so with the outbreak of the pandemic, its popularity surged in the education sector around the globe. This digital era has certainly accelerated the usage of tech-based tools in all the areas of teaching and learning which have resulted in a complete shift in paradigm and how knowledge acquisition is viewed.

Now, educational technology (EdTech)  has become a common feature everywhere in schools, colleges, universities and institutes. Learning is not limited to textbooks but goes far beyond the classroom through the computer into wider contexts worldwide. Such tech-spurred plans have been infused into the curriculum and integrated into the learning outcomes for the effective delivery of a diverse range of lessons.

Hence, edtech terms that were previously unfamiliar have become the common language of teachers, educators, administrators and students across the globe. The high-frequency terms are listed for your better understanding and usage.

Asynchronous Learning

Here, you are in complete control of the study schedule. All the course materials, recorded lectures, assignments and exams are accessible. You can set a pace and self-study as long as the expected deadlines are met.

Blended Learning

A great mix of online and face to face teaching in the physical classroom. You enjoy this experience as you conveniently access their classes from anywhere connected to the internet and also get the feel of a real classroom. So, it is a win-win scenario.

No need to purchase any books physically or use any stationery – simply read and take notes online with these e-books. You may even use e-readers to kindle the love of reading.


In this way, you are taught through a suite of digital resources. Commonly known as electronic learning, the courses are executed through the computer, laptop, tablet, cell phone, in short, any device.

Flipped Classroom

Well, you do not need to flip yourself here. Just do your reading and research at home after which you come to the classroom for real-time application and practice. The teachers are present to help you reinforce the content that you have already gone through at home.


Gamification is all about engaging yourself fully in activities and problem-solving through games. It has put the joy back into learning and you can enjoy whatever you are engaged in with a high entertainment level.

Instructional Technology

Upskill yourself through instructional technology which encircles the design, development and management both in software and hardware systems. It gives you the leverage of creating resources through a better understanding of technology.

Interactive whiteboard

Now, express yourself through the amazing touch-sensitive whiteboard that is used to convey and save information across different local devices such as computers or tablets. It even encompasses the features of a smartboard.

Learning Management System (LMS)

One of the most popular ed-tech tools, LMS gives you a wide range of options to create activities for varied topics to make the lessons more immersive and interactive. In fact to call it an end to end solution for school management would not be wrong either as it allows everything from administration to academia to be established as well as tracked through it.

Open Educational Resource (OEC)

As the name suggests that all the resources are openly accessible or so to speak free for you to pick from the internet. These include courses, texts, videos and even books that can be downloaded or viewed directly for teaching, learning and assessing.

Online Lab It places you in a virtual lab setting where you can conduct real-life case scenarios, interact with lab equipment and perform experiments. It redefines the traditional lab and brings the apparatus or equipment to use for an experiential learning experience.

Synchronous Online Learning

Learn through a group on an online platform through specific schedules and login codes. Here, you are taught together in a course or grade level with the instructor addressing the class simultaneously.

Virtual Classroom

Get ready to connect, communicate and collaborate through this online setup. Both you and the teacher meet on an online platform for a class where you are taught the course and concept. The most popular virtual platforms are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

This is any web-based environment that enables you to manage and deliver courses digitally. These include resources, activities, and interactions within a course structure and provide different stages of assessment.

These trending terms will surely add to your digital vocabulary so you can be in step with smart learning and teaching. Green Edtech ensures that you get a dynamic digital experience that makes you travel seamlessly in your educational journey.

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