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article writing
understand the structure of news articles. produce and publish written work, using appropriate technology.
speech writing
public Speaking Learning Outcomes Module 1: Introduction to Public Speaking Outline the fundamental elements, skills, and goals of Public Speaking Explain the goals and benefits of public speaking Recognize communication apprehension and explain how to reduce it Describe how public speaking can be used to advocate or create change Recognize the social and historical contexts of speech, oratory, and rhetoric Module 2: Ethical Speech Demonstrate an understanding of ethical considerations in public speech Explain the importance of ethics in public speaking Identify key principles of ethical communication Identify how to quote and paraphrase sources and avoid plagiarism Module 3: Listening and Responding Explain how to listen actively and respond productively to others Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of active listening Recognize barriers to listening and identify how to avoid them Explain how to give effective verbal and nonverbal feedback Module 4: Considering the Audience Explain ways to adapt your speech to the needs and expectations of a particular audience Explain how to use audience analysis to adapt a speech for a particular audience Explain how to use audience analysis before, during, and after your speech. Describe key considerations in speaking to diverse and multicultural audiences Module 5: Choosing and Researching a Topic Choose and research a speech topic Identify strategies for choosing a topic and identifying a purpose and thesis of the speech Identify strategies for researching and supporting a speech Explain key concepts for using statistics and data in your speech Module 6: Organizing and Outlining Your Speech Identify strategies for organizing and outlining a speech Identify strategies for organizing a speech Identify strategies for outlining a speech Document the sources of a speech
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