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Grade 7 – Math

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Course Prerequisite(s)

  • Please note that this course has the following prerequisites which must be completed before it can be accessed
  • G6 Grade 6 – Math

About Course

This Mathematics course for Grade 7 students is designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and skills. It focuses on the application of basic mathematical functions to solve real-world and mathematical problems. The course provides instruction in ratio, rate, time and speed, triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons, geometrical constructions, and perimeter and area of plane figures. This course aims to enhance students’ problem-solving skills and help them understand the relationship between mathematical concepts and the world around them. Class duration: 40 min Frequency: 5 Days a Week Language: English Chapters Covered: 00 Self-Learning Dashboard: Yes Teacher’s Report: Monthly Group Discussion: Yes Homework: Daily

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What Will You Learn?

  • Basic mathematical functions and problem-solving
  • Geometric constructions
  • Two and three-dimensional shapes
  • Area and perimeter
  • Proportional relationships
  • Real-world and mathematical problem-solving
  • Ratios, rates, time, and speed
  • Triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons.

Course Content

rate ratio time and speed

  • rate ratio time
  • rate ratio time Part 2
  • what is speed Part 1
  • what is speed Part 2

triangles, quadrilateral and polygons

geometrical construction

perimeter and area of plane

Volume and surface area of prisms and cylinders

Direct and inverse proportions

Linear graphs and simultaneous linear equations

expansion and Factorisation of Quadratic expressions

Further Expansion and Factorisation of Quadratic expressions

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