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Grade 6 – English

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About Course

In grade 6, this course focuses on improving English language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will engage in speaking activities to build vocabulary and practice grammar. The course also aims to increase students’ confidence in communicating in English in different settings. The curriculum includes reading short, simple texts, writing notes and messages, speaking in simple exchanges, listening to simple messages, and learning grammar and vocabulary. Topics covered include parts of speech, simple tenses, question types, possessive adjectives, and everyday vocabulary.

  • Class duration: 40 min
  • Frequency: 5 Days a Week
  • Language: English
  • Chapters Covered: 00
  • Self-Learning Dashboard: Yes
  • Teacher’s Report: Monthly
  • Group Discussion: Yes
  • Homework: Daily
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What Will You Learn?

  • Reading: ability to find specific information in simple texts, read short and simple texts
  • Writing: ability to write simple notes, messages and personal letters, write essays of various types
  • Speaking: ability to communicate in routine tasks, handle short social exchanges, describe personal details
  • Listening: ability to understand phrases and high-frequency vocabulary, the main points in simple messages
  • Grammar and Vocabulary: knowledge of parts of speech, articles, modal verbs, comparative adjectives, countable and uncountable nouns, demonstrative adjectives, going to future, imperatives, past simple of verb to be, possessive adjectives, question types, present continuous, present simple, pronunciation of daily usage words, concept and application of tenses in English.

Course Content

Report Writing



Aritcle writing

Parts of Speech

Descriptive Essay

Narrative Essay

Relative Pronouns



Active & Passive


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