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Grade 4 – Computer

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About Course

The students in grade 4 will learn about the different uses of computers, input and output devices and will expand their understanding of operating systems like Windows 7 and software programs like Tux Paint, KTurtle, Word 2013 and PowerPoint 2013. They will learn more about formatting and creating tables in Word 2013 and will be introduced to the basics of creating a presentation in PowerPoint 2013.

Class duration: 40 min.

Frequency: 5 Days a Week

Language: English

Chapters Covered: 00

Self-Learning Dashboard: Yes

Teacher’s Report: Monthly

Group Discussion: Yes

Homework: Daily

What Will You Learn?

  • Basic Computer Operations:
  • Understanding the different components of a computer (CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.).
  • Powering on and shutting down a computer system safely.
  • Navigating the desktop and file management.
  • Typing Skills:
  • Learning touch typing for increased typing speed and accuracy.
  • Word Processing:
  • Introduction to word processing software (e.g., Microsoft Word, Google Docs).
  • Creating, formatting, and editing documents.
  • Basic formatting options (font style, size, color, alignment).

Course Content

Application of Computer
Chap 1

  • Application of Computers in Banks, Libraries, Offices and in Designing
  • Computer Applications in Homes
  • In Making Films and Space Technology
  • Shops, Hotels and Railway/Airways
  • In Medicine And Robots
  • In Computer-Controlled Cameras

Input and Output
Chap 2

More about tux paint
Chap 4

More about turtle command
Chap 5

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